System i Application Modernization

Empowering your company's future lies in system i application modernization.

The operations of major businesses are controlled by application portfolios. Business processes, such as financial and customer management, are dependent on these applications. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain up-to-date applications that align with you business goals. Applications take time to form which results in complex records.

GEMKO specializes in consulting for businesses interested in system i application modernization. With years of practical business experience, our modernization consultants have the knowledge to address any of your business needs and provide you with a modernization solution. Our solutions protect software investments by equipping them to better meet the needs of your changing business.

Application modernization enhances applications in that it sustains their longevity, extends their accessibility and positions the applications to be responsive to your current and future business needs.

With our system i application modernization you will see immediate benefits, which include:

  • Lowered total cost of application ownership
  • Visible ROI in weeks/months vs. years
  • Positive impact on staff
  • Provides your users with unconstrained software, allowing them to better perform their job and serve customers
  • Allows your executive team to have confidence in the data they use to make critical business decisions
  • Strengthens the skills of your IT staff

We deliver a "just right" system i application modernization solution for your company, not a one size fits all, "too big" or "too small".

To learn more about how your business can benefit from our application modernization services for system i: